Learning to swim

Hello! How are you, my dear blog?

Today I went to the local swimming pool to learn to swim. I am not very good ad this activity. In this post, I’m just going to blurt out some thoughts about what I think about all this.

This is going to be a bunch of advice for people who want to get into it, or mostly just a set of instructions that I want to remember myself

Discipline and honesty

It’s important to not forget that if you want to learn to swim, do not take it casually. Commit yourself to a schedule, for example going twice a week,

Also, be honest to accept that you if you don’t know swimming, you could take help! Be gentle with yourself.

Remember to breathe

Breathing is very important to to live. You know how the famous Aashiqui song goes, Saanson ki zarurat hai jaise, zindagi ke liye…!

Learning to synchronize the breathing along with the swimming moves is the most essential part of managing to not drown. The key thing is to do all exhaling underwater, and then managing to breathe in during the intermittent periods when the mouth is outside water.

A good singer manages to synchronize the hand and leg motion with the breathing in an extraordinary balance, just enough so as to never run out of breath. So far, all my attempts have ended up in me running out breath and this is something that I still have to work on.

Clearly, it’s going to take some persistent practice to keep going. Let’s see if I hear up some useful advice about all this.

Another issue related to breathing is that I always breathe in from the right side while my left arm is stretched out. This way, I can only breathe at every second or fourth stroke, where as it feel more natural for me to be able to breathe after every third stroke. So I will either have to find my balance with being able to breathe every second or fourth stroke, or I will have to figure out breathing with the other side as well!


So far, this is all in my super quick blog post. I hope to be able to write more frequently, now that I have started to type on a super-small linux device. I will perhaps soon write a blog post about this machine!