I usually use the picture of Super Meat Boy to depict myself. It’s funny, that’s all

I usually use the picture of Super Meat Boy to depict myself. It’s funny, that’s all

Hi, I’m Breakfastisready.

I’m studying to become a mathematician.

I post here my longer thoughts which you could read in my blog entries.

To read my frequent ramblings that I manage to fit in 500 characters, one could follow me on my microblog, hosted on a mastodon instance at mathstodon.xyz (below). If your obsession with me continues, you could also contact me.

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My writing

Permutation City: Review

This is a spoiler-free book review of Permutation City. This book was written in 1994 by the Australian mathematician and writer Greg Egan. He has a very peculiar background, which is that of mathematics and programming. In mathematics, he is known for having solved a combinatorics problem. The problem is very easy to explain, there’s even this Quanta magazine article about it. What is it about? It is a fiction based on the theme of uploading one’s consciousness to a computer. Read more...

Rude boy

I recently bought a Remarkable 2. This is a political cartoon I made on it. It’s about the India’s right wing reacting to Rihanna. Let me know what you think! GitHubTwitterMastodonEmailRSS Read more...

Albert Pinto ko gussa kyun aata hai: Review

Lately, I had seen a film called Salim Langde pe mat ro. I wrote a review of that film in a previous blog post. I had really liked that film, so I tried to watch another film by the same director Saeed Mirza called Albert Pinto ko gussa kyon aata hai. The title in English would translate as “Why does Albert Pinto get angry?”. In this post, I will give a spoiler free review of the film and my thoughts about it. Read more...